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APRIL 2019
For children with autism.

The book that made me an author, whilst warming many hearts in the process! In 2019 I created a book to help my son understand his autism, with honesty, comfort and reassurance, I wanted nothing but for him to feel super proud of his individuality, it took a lot of careful thought. Lots of sketches, and scrunched up paper later, our book was ready! We loved reading this together, it opened up many questions for us to revisit and normalise these conversations with friends and family, along with a solid visual understanding. Parents often wonder how to deliver the understanding of autism and this worked for us. So well in fact, that I managed to find the most passionate and patient illustrator so that we could share this with other children and their families. Those people around me know I don't do anything by halves! I found a publisher to ignite the process and champion my passion for my book. Meanwhile, I built up my social media platforms to help reach those who need it, and I was completely overwhelmed by such heartwarming messages from parents, teachers and their experiences. My Awesome Autism is now available worldwide helping families and normalising open conversations via my autism books. Available at Waterstones, WH Smith’s and most bookstores. 



Sept 2019
For friends and siblings of children with autism.

So it didn't stop there! Shortly after this after many conversations with other families, I wanted a book for the classroom to help other children understand autism. So MY FRIEND EDDIE was born. "Charlie" wears a star on her dungarees because she is a superstar friend to Eddie! Charlie takes her readers on a journey, showing empathy to her friend with autism also acknowledging the differences and how she may feel in situations. Available via 

SO excited!! Final illustrations underwa


November 2019

Eddie was experiencing a tough time when it came to making mistakes. Eddies' experiences throughout the story, taught him that it was okay to make mistakes and finds the positive with a little added humour! Eddie teaches his readers that when we make mistakes it means that we are learning. Mistakes happen to us all at different times. A book to benefit all children socially and emotionally, especially those with SEN. Available via 

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