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About the author

Nikki was born in Suffolk, she has two children and worked in Special Education. Nikki's eldest son was diagnosed autistic at the age of 3 in 2013 and she found a lack of inclusion on the bookshelves. In 2019 Nikki’s son wanted to explore his autism diagnosis further as he grew older. She searched again for books and resources with relatable characters, finding nothing available at that time. Nikki decided to create a book for her son, with a special relatable character who reflected her son’s lovely blonde hair, beautiful dark eyes and cheeky smile, naming the character Eddie! Eddie is named after Nikki’s grandfather who passed away shortly after her son was born. The book explored neurodiversity, how we are all different, unique and special. It was such a success for her son that she published it, naming it ‘My Awesome Autism’ to help Eddie reach more children and families worldwide. She went on to write more resources to support children in different social situations and navigate new environments. Nikki receives many heartwarming comments and messages in receipt of her books.

“A huge thank you to all of my amazing little readers, Hocus Pocus and Sky Kids for joining me on my mission to reach more children and create Ready Eddie Go!  Eddie is available very soon to watch on Sky Kids, reaching children at a larger scale than I’d ever imagined possible. How wonderful is that!”


Nikki x

The Eddie Books

From inspiration to creation...



A bright, beautiful and colourful book for children to learn and explore an autism diagnosis with Eddie! This book explores neurodiversity, how we are all different and that is beautiful. There are differences we can see and some we cannot. To know you are valued and special just as you are.  



A sweet book for siblings and classmates to learn about autism. What is it like for Eddie and how can we help? Charlie (Eddie's friend) explains all from her perspective.

SO excited!! Final illustrations underwa


Eddie was having a tricky time learning about mistakes. Mistakes are okay and it's how we learn. Eddie soon learns that we all make them and we can all see the positives whilst having a giggle along the way! 

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