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Gratitude & small wins 💙📚

As you can imagine, there’s little time for blog posts and it doesn’t always feel right to highlight small wins when it affects us all differently. For some, lockdown has been all too familiar, many have told me stories of their children not being in school or their school placement not working out for them. My heart goes out to anyone struggling. If there is anything positive to come out of lockdown for us, my children have been so relaxed, engaged and thriving in different ways.(Minus homeschooling!) That’s not to minimise tough days, like we’ve all had! My youngest’s speech and communication has improved massively and both boys are generally relaxed, full of conversation & have improved social interactions. (Rather than having to process a long day, social confusion & ticking all the boxes.) I’m all for new experiences/pushing the boundaries a bit and building new pathways, but it’s been lovely seeing them happy and watch their love for new interests appear. In September, I return to being ‘that mum’ who makes sure my children are understood in mainstream and can access the best support for them. That is my normal, nothing new there! If you’re in that position too, you just get it. I will certainly be holding on to the positives from this time. We’ve been navigating our own normal for years, Sept will take some adjusting but we will get there! I see so many posts I relate to and almost forget how far we have all come! I’m sure you all have too 😊 How they have coped, grown and flourished is amazing, I am incredibly proud of them. Thank you all for following my book series page, feel free to add your experiences too. 💙💖🌈 #autism #autismawareness #mumpost #gratitude #author #autismbooks #austinmacauley #waterstones #theeddieseries #amazon

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