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Lockdown 2 ☕️

A little update..So lockdown, stay at home, you’re all grounded, go out, but don’t go out, go to work, but don’t go to work, we’ll have a 17:30 press conference which begins as here again! I would normally be pictured at my desk, but - 1) it’s the weekend, so I will be hunting for pokemon and doing sparklers with the kids - 2) my boys have been home this week & they come before everything else. Homeschooling, baking, getting outside as much as possible this week hasn’t been too bad, we’ve had a great time together, but it’s not the same as half term, when the parks & pumpkin patches were open!

They‘re doing amazingly and I am super proud of them. 💖

It‘s very sad for all of the business suffering, that people have worked their entire lives for and I’m always mindful of this when posting about working or my upcoming plans.

I’m back at my desk next week, I am due to podcast, they are always fun, I do love a good chin wag. I’ll be catching up with my latest illustrations and making new literary/illustration plans for 2021. It all takes time, but I enjoy every edit and undo button of it 🤣.

This year it’s been great to meet some fantastic creatives along the way, and I’m hoping to collaborate to get the best possible outcome for the Eddie Series 💕✍️ #amwriting #autismbooks #myawesomeautism #theeddieseries #myfriendeddie #eddiescolourfulfeelings #eddiesbusychristmas #podcast #authorblog #autismblog #childrensbooks #helpothers #kindness #understanding #kidswellbeing

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