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What inclusion is not...

It’s not a mindset coach dictating that inclusion means that authors should steer away from a subject book or focus on one diagnosis. Really? All characters should be in all books, they said. I completely get that and I love writing stories with characters who have hearing aids, glasses, different ethnicities, skin colours, wheelchairs, autism etc...but no please don’t steer away!!!! Why?


Who are we to minimise the need for social stories and education on a subject for many people. For instance, children on the autistic spectrum benefit socially and emotionally, learning visually about what to expect in a new environment or situation. This can be crucial to some. I wrote My Awesome Autism, so my son could learn about autism, let these books thrive too! My books help children understand themselves and others all over the globe. So we must remember that actually, inclusion comes from all perspectives and experiences to suit everyone. 😊 #autism #childrensbooks #inclusion #itsmypassion #understanding #youwillneverchangemymindset #authorlife #blogger #variety

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