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Lockdown, baking, bike rides and exciting new projects!..

Not to mention homeschooling, *face palm - it's all kept me quite busy, so it's time for a blog update! So Lockdown began, like most parents, I felt concerned with how the children would cope, but do you know what, they punched the air, absolutely amazing - calm & relaxed, this is like a long holiday off of school - nice one! They're great and so are we all - lots of people I've spoke to have enjoyed the time with their kids but the pressures of working from home is taking o

A Writers Lens......

We are made of stories! Seeing the world through a writers lens, means everywhere you go there is a story to be told. Whether it's a part of a story or just a snippet, conversations and peoples experiences creates a whole new level of writing. Applying yourself to become that medium between stories and print on paper is the fun part. : ) #writingcommunity #childrensbookauthor #childrensbooks #earlyreaders #KidLit #inspiration

And just like that! Book four is off to illustration..

This one I really needed, I made it myself at the time, there wasn’t enough time to publish and illustrate or to research in full detail what I needed. It takes time. But along the way I added things in that I needed and what someone else may need too. 💕Sometimes when you experience a need and live through the process you can create the resource yourself. What you find are gaps and absolutely anybody can help fill that. I’m excited for this one, it will help so many and educ

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