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Lockdown, baking, bike rides and exciting new projects!..

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Not to mention homeschooling, *face palm - it's all kept me quite busy, so it's time for a blog update! So Lockdown began, like most parents, I felt concerned with how the children would cope, but do you know what, they punched the air, absolutely amazing - calm & relaxed, this is like a long holiday off of school - nice one! They're great and so are we all - lots of people I've spoke to have enjoyed the time with their kids but the pressures of working from home is taking over in some houses. We all need normality at some stage, not minimalising that it will be tougher for some. SO! I decided to make "I'm Going To School" - Free via a PDF to families, sencos, teachers, therapists etc and it went absolutely crazy - good crazy - I was really happy to help people feel less anxious about the return to school for their little ones! I had around 3/400 emails a night so there I sat emailing everyone, posting a few to mums without printers and I even learned how to do mail chimp! Thanks to the guys at NAS swansea, for the suggestion of how to do a link - from that I could go to bed earlier and reach more people! - winner! It was so successful in reaching the right people, schools have it , child psychiatrists, teachers, carers, parents, therapists and educational psychologists have it. This warms my heart so much! A team of Ed - Psychologists asked me to team up and make a book about returning to school after lock down too, they loved my transition book and wanted to make another specific one to #eyfs with all of the changes, lots of people asked me about this and it was in the back of my mind! I was really delighted to meet such a wonderful and inspiring team and this will be released soon once my illustrator has finalised the book! "Welcome Back Eddie After Lockdown" is born!!

I have also recently won an #SBS award, chosen by @Theopathitis, I was absolutely over the moon about this too! It's a fantastic community with great advice and I am looking forward to the event too! I will also be featured in senmagazine July/Aug Edition :)

Then.... if that wasn't enough....I was then contacted by a lovely lady about joining a fantastic mums group for a chat about who I am, what I do and why I do it...that really was the icing on the cake that week - it started well, then got even better! To chat about my favourite subject and relate to others offering advice and reassurance is exactly who I am, what I do and drives me to produce more projects!

So it's been a fun morning, videoing myself was very new to me! I think being in charge of sound, lighting and videoing was interesting, hmmm what could possibly go wrong! But my heart just tingled the whole time knowing our journey will help others! I ditched the script and just spoke from the heart, as what's real is what helps us all connect and help each other. I have the biggest sugar rush from the boys rocky road now (belgian chocolate style!) That was soooo good especially with malteasers! Back to week of homeschooling, having fun with the boys, some zoom check ins & book stuff but I'm ready :) Nikki x #lockdownblog #myawesomeautism #childrensbookauthor #authorsofinstagram #sendblog #kidlit #socialstories #primaryschool #eyfs #SBS #autismbooks #austinmacauley #amazonbooks #waterstones #blogger #parenting #mumlife #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #authorchat #goodreads #RightTheScript #publishing #senco

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