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Autumn walks 🍂

Always lovely to start your morning, with a nice autumnal walk with your bestie. The amount we talk, we could have been walking hours! We’ve been friends for 30+ years. We literally chat anything and everything. One thing we can do, is relate to each other. Our lives, have weirdly taken similar steps at the same times, kids, relationship changes, house moves quitting jobs that no longer are for us, and guess what autism diagnosis’. It’s been a really productive week, writing wise. I have received my illustrations back for book 7, some are in revision, but it’s amazing to see your creativity come to life and know that you will help others too! I’m also working on 2 other books, which takes time, but I’m enjoying them so much and revisiting my experiences too. It’s amazing how you can be stretched for time, but also have lots of it - for a passion or doing something you love. 2021, is going to be exciting, I have ideas I can’t wait to share them nearer the time.

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