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Book reviews and being a mum 💖 Just wow 🤩

Oh my goodness did I cry this evening, I‘m very lucky and get many reviews in my inbox. Sometimes the parent/carer or professional doing the review really FEELS your intention! And jeez from miles away did I feel it today! This lady took me back in time, to when I was sat on my sons bed tentatively reading ‘My Awesome Autism’ to him, when all I wanted was every best magical outcome. Now I want every outcome for others and it works! I know this happens a lot, but this evening the review just oozed such gratitude and I know because that was me too. Although I I have have come so far now, with the boys doing so well and being on book seven in my career. But, I appreciate that others can keep me grounded and remind me of such gratitude. People’s experiences can really be so precious.

We love reading reviews of our special series at bedtime and my children are enjoying helping others. How amazing and lovely is that. Never underestimate a review hey. It can change our life too 🥰

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