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Eddie’s Busy Christmas 🎄

Another book from The Eddie Series! Eddie shares his perspective around Christmas time and how the changes in routine at home and school, make him feel. Eddie explains the strategies that are in place, to help him feel supported during the festive period. This book explains, that it’s okay to feel however you do. The Eddie Series Books are social stories and resources aimed to help children on the autistic spectrum, creating sense of reliability during times of change. These visual aids support children in new social situations and learn what to expect in a new environment.

We all try to spend Christmas how we would like to. Some of us like to visit family, others like prefer to stay home. Some of us can voice that.

For an autistic person this is also crucial to acknowledge their preferences, whilst remembering that no person on autistic spectrum is the same. This is why we need to connect, learn and engage to find out what’s needed to make it a pleasurable time for all. I aim to publish for 2021, but I think I may self publish for 2020 to reach a few families, get some feedback and add to the collection. I can’t believe this one is almost over! My eyes are a little tired from the screen today, I was working last night too. So I will celebrate with a glass of red this evening!

Ed travels into 2021 - with some new fun adventures, so next week is time to finalise book 8 alongside my short stories. 🥰

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