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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

If you’d have asked me a year ago, whether I would do a podcast or be interviewed by a celebrity, I’m not sure I’d have given you the same response as I would today! I never intended to grow as big as the series has now. However, I also strived to reach as many families and professionals as possible.

I had a couple of invites during lockdown, one with Lauren Pope in the Mumspace group LIVE and The Sue Atkins podcast show, not long after. I was so excited but felt like it was out of my comfort zone! I think the live knocked all of the nerves out of me...the video producer from Yahoo said “you’re live in 3-2-1.” Yep, deep end! Not a bad thing though mind! As soon as I was talking about our life, our journey and the reason I created my first book, well...the words just flew out and my passion did all the talking! I had to remember to let other people talk too! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙊

Discussing my journey, was and is the most grounding experience. It’s so special to me and I’m proud of every experience, hardship, hurdle jumps, tears and small wins! 💪🏼(Small wins are huge by the way). You can live something everyday as your norm, take on challenges in your daily stride, but when I explained, how The Eddie Series began, the hurdles we went through, how I built up social media platforms, thousands of followers, made friends worldwide, felt what other mums felt, self published because I would find a way to reach other families, dealt with my own EHCPs and autism assessment and speech therapy appointments, whilst working in education back then too...well, I think I had the same reaction as the listeners! I’ve given the Eddie Series every part of my free time (she laughs) and I give it so much of me, from the heart. They say passion does not feel like work, and it’s true! It is an absolute pleasure. Ask me to go jogging with you tomorrow, I might say I don’t have time 😉. Supporting other parents and their children, is massively important to me, all of the time, I want to be everyone’s friend/strength who is seen to be struggling, tell them it will all be okay, or just stand with them if they feel alone in the playground. I’m very much for empowering people and like to give them a good talk up (hence the name of my book for my son, ‘My Awesome Autism’, because he is awesome and I tell him that everyday.) It lifts me, being an empath, knowing that I can help and support at least 1 person as I go about my day and it happens to be a really big bonus, that I love writing ✍️.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m due to be interviewed by, Autism Talk & The Rob Gorski Podcast too! I love writing and talking, so I guess I’m in the right place 😂 🎧

Moral of a long ramble -

👆🏼The only paragraph I set out to write!

When you “assume” (you‘ve just said it in your head 😉) that something is out of your comfort zone.. ask yourself, is it really?! For every wish or desire, opportunities DO show up for a reason & you need to take them. I saw a quote earlier in my Facebook newsfeed, it said “I would rather be a stranger to others than a stranger to myself.” 💖📚

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