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January 2021 update📚 🎉

I usually put ‘update‘ on the end of my blog titles, as for some reason or other I am ‘late to the party!’ It would of course be lockdown life, homeschooling, work and ‘I must get round to that!

For the Eddie Series Books ~ it’s been very positive, which took me by surprise, I thought things would all go quiet again as expected. It turns out some of my resources are being put to their best use! Firstly ~ I’ve still been writing, I can’t stop really it’s something I will always find time for..ask me to go for a run, then I’m very busy 😄. My books have been awarded The Sue Atkins Recommended Rosette! This is so lovely, to be a part of the UK’s leading parenting expert’s ‘book club‘ means so much to me. There’s Eddie’s Busy Christmas too!

(See video below)

Just recently I’ve been sent more photos from parents ~ they are using my books in lockdown to help with the pressures of homeschooling and supporting emotional regulation! Alfie wanted to use his book “Eddie’s Colourful Feelings,” alongside his home learning to see if he could relate to his characters’ feelings in his learning!! Another little one has been using ‘Mistakes Are Cool’ to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. This will be happening quite a bit in lockdown, we had to revisit this book in the first lockdown as doing ‘school work at home’ just isn’t logical, it can trigger any social confusion or social pressure at school and come out at home. So you can imagine how I felt receiving these photos and thanks from parents in these hard times. It felt amazing. Brings tears to your eyes to think that your experiences can help someone else. My son was very happy and last Fridays ‘school work at home’ was that through our tough times we can then learn how to help someone else. 🥰 I get messages from parents all the time over my different social media’s and I’m sent wonderful photos of their little ones having a read. I would love to blog every single one but to be honest, I’m too busy processing it all. To me success is adding value to someone else’s life, even just a little touch of it. I pinch myself each time!! This month I have also been asked to sign up for another badge for my books, so that was also a lovely bit of sunshine in this winter lockdown!

Tonight I was discussing my latest book with my son, I have just sent it to illustration!! It’s very funny, and so helpful! My son chose the front cover ideas for illustration and I want to say more..but I will wait until it’s published but it is needed everywhere - schools - homes - libraries and hey some adults would benefit from it too! This one is so informative and educational, BUT like all of my books - positive!! I will add links to my two latest books onto my website shortly!

Generally, we are all fine, sure we’re missing all of the things we love, friends, family etc. The day I can take the kids to the cinema will be awesome. The kids are good, we are calm, happy, connected and just getting on with each day. We talk about the things we look forward too again, I think hope is important. If it means an hour long bottle flipping contest, a pokemon hunt, pretending to be pokemon on the floor whilst they boss me about in the game, baking, reading to them, having a giggle where we can, then great. I’m so so proud of them. ❤️

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