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My input of advice for going through a diagnosis with your child. From the autism page blog 💙

I will do a longer post on this actually. As I have lots to say! However I didn’t want to take up someone else’s blog page!

“My advice would be, to find your support network. Charities, local support groups and parents who are in similar situations is key! I found other parents advice very reassuring that it ‘wasn’t just me’ who experienced a situation or a need. Back in 2013 there wasn’t many though. Other parents really did have to jump through hoops for diagnosis too! I became an author because I never found the book we needed. Focus on your family and your child. When behaviours arise, it can be hard to forget the stares in public. Try to reframe that and look for the ‘cause’ rather than the ‘symptoms.’ For example, is the environment becoming too noisy? Overcrowded and over stimulating? Are the lights too bright? Did they sleep well the night before? Lastly remember you are not alone. 💙

Nikki x


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