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National Diversity Awards thank you for voting..💙📚

So, for those that have read my story on my blog, or recieved my free books and resources in lockdown and left a vote... Thank you!! 💙 Voting is closed so I’m not looking for any advertisment here, infact they ask you to promote yourself and I found that a little bit out of my comfort zone. I do what I do, because I love it, I’ve lived it and helping others makes me happy, as well as enjoying a challenge in research and creativity. I logged on to my NDA profile last night and to my amazement, I have 82 votes!!! 😮That may not seem like a lot, compared to the big guns out there with thousands of votes. But, for a one man band and each of those messages meant something - they mentioned how my books have helped them on their journey ~ that’s incredible for me. I will keep those lovely messages, they are so encouraging and a reminder, of why I do what I do. So, if you left a message or a vote I really appreciate it, it brings me another positive during lockdown that I could give others some hope, from helping little ones understand autism ~ to visual aids in supporting their return to or starting a new school. I’m so glad I published that book in February, little did I know how useful it would be. Thank you to the guys at NAS Swansea too, for helping with the link idea, as my inbox was receiving 3-400 requests a day, with many touching experiences from parents at the time. X #autismbooks #socialstories #helpingothers #nda20 #blogger #authorblog

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N R Saunders
N R Saunders
Jul 09, 2020

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