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Blog update!!

The title I normally end up writing, because I think I must do a blog post, then get caught up in everything else, mumlife, work life and uni assessments! All good though! The kids are settling back into school routine okay, it must have felt so strange for children, those returning after a long time and those who’s bubbles all of a sudden expanded and quadrupled itself!

It was my sons’ birthday yesterday, so I was dashing around, trying to make it great for him. It turns out he had a brilliant day, he really enjoyed experiencing the day seeing school friends and less hype with parties etc. So that was lovely. ❤️

Good news from Eddie Series HQ! Today has been a productive morning, one of those days where you feel like you‘ve had lots of time and everything gets done! I‘m sure I won’t be saying that this afternoon, but nevermind I am holding on to that magic! 💫

I am relaunching my merchandise! It’s out there but I haven’t marketed it or listed it. It’s mainly been there for competitions really. But now..I have a super team behind me, working on my listings, marketing and production! They will be available on Amazon and pop up when you search for any of my books. Even better news - a percentage of each sale will go towards a wonderful charity who will greatly receive any funds raised!! This isn’t something I will profit from initially, there’s no financial cost to me or the print company either, only people’s time and donations, but if I can engineer a process where proceeds go to a wonderful autism charity, benefiting children and families, then I am on it! I am so excited to be raising money for this charity! I met the children from a school within this charity for world book day, they were just amazing and I loved what they are all about!

I will be running a competition for Autism Awareness Week too and donating some of these, I’m super impressed with the quality and dispatch with these items! There are phone cases, tablet cases, T-shirts and mugs! They look wonderful! ❤️📚

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