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December 2020 update and 2021 plans!

A final update for 2020, but I am glad I made it this side of 2020! It hasn’t always felt appropriate to blog post and share it, due to swinging in and out of different tiers in the UK. I’ve mainly been speaking to my followers on Instagram. Facebook has decided to hide my posts! I used to reach 1k per post and now so many people are saying they do not see my posts, so I’ve been trying to fix that.. I’ve also been revisiting language in my first book. Sounds odd doesn’t it? But actually, I’m really glad I have and it’s complete. Autistic adults prefer ‘autistic’ rather than the term ‘with autism.’ Parents have swayed towards both and some say it will be their child’s choice. I completely understand and respect all of those terms, as a mum it is certainly my sons decision based upon his wishes. I don’t want to waste time in any debates in regards to language, where I could be creating more helpful stories. However, I am most grateful to the autistic community for educating us, on how they feel about person first language. It will be followed out in my book and avoiding any type of functional labelling. Now, I’m not here to please everyone and that’s impossible, but I am striving to help as many as I can, therefore I will be thinking of all opinions trying to cater for all in my series. I want nothing more, than for children and adults to be heard, infact - I’m seriously passionate about. For me, contributing to different accessible resources will help in supporting that. Christmas - Jeez this year has flown, I don’t know how?? I feel like I was caged in my house for months of homeschooling! The kids are all excited for Christmas though! It’s lovely.🎄 🥰

2021 I have also been working on another subject, with a family close to me. I felt passionate again, for the child to feel understood and feel confident, so that’s another little change i‘d like to help with in schools too. Two other projects are on the constant go too, on paper and in my head! I can be out somewhere, just nodding off, or on the school run and inspiration just pops in, I’m glad I quickly note everything, or try to, because I’m looking forward to creating these next ones. Alongside a Psychology degree..When you have so much you can publish/write about, it’s hard to know where to start next. But I found a few important needs first, so they are my priorities, which will help some little people and their families out there so much! 🥰

The project following this, is a huge task! But we are going to be living it as a family and once you’ve lived and feel something - that is the absolute key to helping someone else. Same for every book I’ve written. It’s a bit like when a friend opens up about something to you, they feel less alone if you’ve been there too, or can at least relate to it.

Well, I am off to physio with my eldest now. He is absolutely made up, that he get‘s out of school early. He will be very honest about that to the staff too. 😄

I hope all my followers or anyone reading this, has an amazing Christmas!🎄🥂

Remember, it may sound like I’ve achieved a lot or am going to in 2021. It’s easy to sound self indulgent when writing it all down and processing it! I’ve made plenty of mistakes and had to revisit projects and find new ways of doing things. Certainly with sensitive subjects and learning how to publish. I like to focus on the good stuff, that‘s what makes me happy, it doesn’t mean it’s been simple. But, it‘s important that anyone ‘passing go‘ in 2020 - takes that a massive achievement in itself! 🥰🥰
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