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Eddie’s Colourful Emotions

Well I think that’s what I’m going to call it! I thought I would write here and see how it looks in print! So, book number six is on the way. (Currently been finalised at illustration!)

Each time this happens, I really have to pinch myself, how everything is blossoming is just wonderful, whilst helping so many children along our journey. From writing about diagnosis, understanding autism for siblings and class friends. I’m really enjoying creating social stories helping children in different situations & emotionally. It‘s almost as though, in book order, I’ve explained autism and now I’m crafting resources, which others will understand too and why they’re needed in the world! 🌍

It‘s humbling to see my, “I’m Going To School,” and “Welcome Back Eddie after Lockdown,” being handed out from schools to parents, for children to fill with the photos! It will be reassuring for when they do return. 😮 That’s amazing, I made a small difference in a little persons life, I love that! It‘s moments of perspective like that make me realise when I have those “I should be doing my website or my social media, moments”. Actually, I’m getting the help out there first and that’s what I am meant to do. The rest will follow me later 😂. I really hope to make bigger changes and these supportive resources are used as mandatory requirements. We shouldn’t expect children to dive in the deep end without some visual support, I’m sure adults would feel the same on their return to work after lockdown, if large changes were implemented. 🤔

I will also be making the jump to do this full time! I say full time, but my boys activities will take up the majority, I’m sure 🥰. My books fit around them perfectly. Writing was the odd evening and weekend, but now I will be able to keep up with all the ideas I have. I have a lot to do..but I love what I do. 😃🥰💙 📚 #autismbooks #inclusion #socialstories #author #kidlit #childrensbooks #emotionalregulation

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