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Inclusion & diversity in books and resources 📚

As a mum, I am grateful to anyone trying to make a difference with diversity and inclusion out there. 🙏

Teenagers and adults today struggle with the perception, of a ‘perfect image.’ There is lack of awareness in early years/primary age due to the lack of books and resources. This can result in children feeling different and knocking confidence. That is not okay. For some, the first unhealthy guide in their environment, is magazines and social media. Mental health struggles increase in adolescence. What chance do they have if the world hasn’t shown them otherwise?

Now, we are past ‘kids should be seen & not heard rubbish.’ So let’s get past failing to provide a visual display of differences in the earlier years and primary aged children too. The more books and resources in their surroundings, the better! The more conversations are had, children can just be themselves, explore friendships and naturally have fun, accessing whatever they need in the process. It’s time to back up what we say with a change in environment. It took a real push for my first book to be brought into stores and not be placed in the mental health section. This doesn’t just go for books where children can learn about their diagnosis if they want to.. but any book with differences ❤️ #autism #inclusion #childrensauthor #diversity #wearealldifferent #thatswonderful #myswesomeautism #myfriendeddie #mistakesarecool #imgoingtoschool #welcomebackeddieafterlockdown #eddiesbusychristmas #eddiesbookofidioms #eddiescolourfulfeelings

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