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Oh the excitement, what a find! 🤩

Updated: Oct 13

When in my local Waterstones today, merely searching for books for the boys... I came across My Awesome Autism! Yes! 🥳 I Felt so humbled and proud to be in the same book shop I was years ago where I couldn’t find specifically what was needed! I was excitedly chatting to myself under my mask “oh my goodness there it is..”

From a toddler I am sure I was the ‘but why?’ kid for a little longer. I’ve always questioned barriers. As a little girl being told no was never a favourite of mine. I always respected the rules and had clear boundaries from my parents. But if I could find a way, I would! As a single mum if I needed £10 for fuel that day that I didn’t have, you could bet I would find a way, something to sell on a local site or anything - or at least try. Obstacles are good, they challenge us to better an outcome, not always but sometimes we can. But this was my favourite challenge by far, something of value to help others too! 🥰 #autism #journorequest #theeddieseries #inclusion #empowerkids #beyourself #lovewhoyouare #dontstopatno #successishelpingothers


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