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World Book Day 2021 🌎 📚

What an amazing bunch of children I have met today, for World Book Day! (Virtually). I made a book corner in my office! I didn’t think I would make any author visits this year!

I am so grateful that we still made it happen, it has been my favourite zoom call throughout the whole pandemic!

Today, we read, ‘Eddie’s Colourful Feelings’ and some of, ‘My Awesome Autism.’ Eddie’s Colourful Feelings is all about how Eddie links a colour from his ‘magic rainbow’ to his feelings. A beautiful idea from my son. This helps Eddie know what strategies to apply, to help with self regulation. We giggled and discussed how we are all different, we all have different thoughts, feelings at different times and there are lots of things we can’t see.. for example; our strengths, talents and ideas! 💡

I talk about how I became an author and what inspired me. It was also a very good question amongst many others!

We talked about ideas, how we can collect them, write them down in whichever way works for you individually, the importance of self belief and how valued their ideas really are! I explained how we can all ask for help too. For instance, I have an illustrator! My son was so excited! He said ‘tell them it all started with me and My Awesome Autism.’ I certainly did! He really wanted to host the show and I hope one day he can come along to a visit with me and do exactly that! It’s a plan!

I left the children with an exciting challenge, their views and ideas are important to me! (Also because we all need to ask for help sometimes!) A bit of positivity and a big reminder of how important and valued their questions and ideas are!

I can’t wait to see these ideas too! 💡

Everything goes in, children absorb it all. My aim was to really listen, leave a positive, empowering and encouraging experience! Believe in yourself, your ideas, ‘you can!!’

The Q&A melt your heart. ❤️

I don’t think I will ever forget those questions!

In a crazy time, we managed to connect and have a bit of fun, with zero technical issues, yay! 🎉

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Instagram/Twitter: @nrsaundersbooks

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